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Vista Magazine

Celebrating 20 years in Canadian publishing, Vista is your go-to resource for natural health and wellness and a more organic lifestyle. We are a passionate team who works hard to provide you with inspiring and empowering information to help guide you to your healthiest life. We get fired up about the latest healthy foods, natural health products, and wellness tools and aim to share that information and excitement with you, our reader.

At Vista, we believe in prevention is the best kind of medicine and knowledge is power. We believe in supporting sustainability and fairness and protecting our shared environment. Our mission is to shine a light on all the aspects of your life that make you whole and healthy like nutritious foods, enough sleep, mindfulness, time outdoors, well spaces, creativity, passion, love, and community. We also believe in balance, authenticity, and everything in moderation…including moderation.

We are thrilled and honoured to continue to be part of your wellness adventure!


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