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3. Exhibitor Space

Single Booth
$750.00 +GST
10' X 10' Booth
Double Booth
$1,325.00 +GST
10' X 20' (2 booths)
SAVE $175
Triple Booth
$1,875.00 +GST
10' X 30' (3 booths)
SAVE $375
Quad Booth
$2,440.00 +GST
20' X 20' (4 booths)
SAVE $560
Corner Booth Premium
Secure a desireable corner-booth location

Electricity & Other Booth Services
Electricity and other booth services such as sinks and vacuums are ordered online through Tradex. A link is provided in the Vendor Manual.

4. Additional Information

Kids Active Fun Zone
55+ Zone
Fitness and Nutrition Zone
Wellness Zone
Pampering Zone
Pet Wellness Zone
Healthy Planet and Home Zone
General Show Zone




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