eMuza Mobility

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eMuza Mobility

Introducing the eMuza Mobility, featuring Canada's most versatile mobility scooters. Like many amazing dreams, e-Muza’s success story and mission to become one of the biggest all-access electric mobility companies in Canada, has humble beginnings.

Our vision began as a late-night conversation about the evolution of vehicles and the changes happening due to environment and population. Between our history in the automotive industry and the health sector, we noticed a need for change, and saw an opportunity to get involved.
We aimed to create an electric mode of transport to aid friends and family, but keep up with the high standard and design we envisioned. We could imagine people’s lives getting better, their life experience getting better. Hours of research uncovered countless heartbreaking stories— people of all ages and situations declining invitations, staying back, behind and typically by themselves. By distancing themselves, people are missing opportunities to stay connected to those they hold most dear. The more stories we heard, the more determined we were to create a well-designed product to help people live their lives to the fullest.
Over time, we created the ATLAS. Its appearance is stylish and sleek—a three-wheeled scooter, with portability being key. Our focus on portable electric mobility means our vehicles can be easily used during any occasion. The Atlas is versatile, useful to run errands, grocery shop, meet a friend for coffee, stroll along a boardwalk, sightseeing on a worldly vacation, ride around the RV park or cruise, go to the beach, enjoy a grandchild’s soccer game…

With the eMuza Atlas, the possibilities are truly endless.

The Atlas’ engineering is meticulous. A beautiful design that is simple to use, the Atlas is already helping many people by breaking barriers and changing mindsets of what an electric mobility scooter is, and who uses them.

Every time we connect someone with an eMuza scooter we hear stories of struggle that end with: Thank you for helping change our lives.

We live for these stories. Stories of people who can now travel with their partner while on cruises; mothers with MS who can now keep up with their kids; grandparents who can enjoy grandkids and family events; mature gentlemen who aren’t quite ready to be “old” zipping around on their scooters and having fun.

It’s a full spectrum, and our hearts are full. We want to give people a vehicle that reimagines life and opens an array of possibilities. A vehicle that lets you create plans instead of just dream them. A vehicle that will improve your life and makes experiences, happen.