Holistic Health and Vitality

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Holistic Health and Vitality

Discover Holistic Nutrition
A Natural Way to Recharge and Energize Your Body!

Increased Energy Reduction of Cravings More Stable Moods Better Bowel Movements
Rejuvenating Sleep Clearer Thinking Increased Motivation to be Active

Hello my name is Audrey Sinclair, I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, trained to do a Symptomatology based Assessment that will determine where your imbalances are in your body, and what food you should or should not eat. My principal function is to educate individuals and groups about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition. We pursue optimal health at all levels of being: physical, mental and spiritual. We look for answers where they truly exist: within each of us. The Human Body is designed to Heal itself, when all 10 Systems Body Systems are in balance.

My passion is to help people achieve Optimal Health, using Food as Their Medicine! My Assessment will show you where your top 3 imbalances are in your body, what foods may be negatively affecting your body, and what supplements will support these imbalances.

Holistic Health & Vitality has been in practice since 2013 and is located in the Thrive Wellness Centre, #202 - 20212 Fraser Highway, just above the NY Grill & Bistro in the ME Plaza in Langley, BC.
Call today to book your Nutritional Assessment 604-574-2003
Please come and visit my at booth # 328 to receive a FREE 10-DAY BODY RESET DETOX