Healing House Natural Wellness Centre

Healing House Natural Wellness Centre is exhibiting at The Health and Wellness Show


Healing House Natural Wellness Centre

Healing House was created as a small community wellness centre where all clients have the opportunity to be heard and make informed decisions about their healing. Whether clients choose to pursue herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, clinical aromatherapy, or use natural medicine in conjunction with any other modality, their decision will be supported and nurtured on an individual basis.

Healing House was also created in the spirit of learning; here, students and members of the community may learn about traditional and western clinical herbalism, gardening, and nutrition, and may attend small workshops and classes.

Recently, Healing House has had the honor to pair with Herbalists Without Borders to offer a monthly free people's clinic (low to no cost, or by donation), and the Institute for Holistic Nutrition where students from the college come to learn in a wellness centre environment.