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We are proud to offer safe and organic CBD products to everyone in Canada. Come and see our growing selection of items at this year's Health & Wellness Show.

About CBD

Cannabidiol is the compound found in Hemp that produces analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties without a dominant psychoactive response. It is natural, safe and non-addictive.

It provides the amazing health benefits associated with Cannabis but without the feeling of being high. It is being used for relieving daily ailments such as pain, nausea and anxiety, as well as effectively managing serious conditions like depression, Chron’s Disease, Epilepsy, and symptoms of Cancer treatment.

How We Got Started

A few years ago I dislocated my shoulder while mountain biking. The injury was painful, but the physical therapy was worse. The doctor had told me I’d have to wait three months, maybe more, before being able to exercise properly again. I’m an athletic man, I love going outdoors, and I felt frustrated by such slow progress. Lucky for me, my father is a big advocate for healthy lifestyles and natural remedies; he suggested I try CBD to relieve some of the pain and accelerate the healing process. The effects were stunning. Within a month my shoulder felt brand new, I was back on my bike in no time. I was so surprised by my recovery that I started recommending CBD to friends and relatives suffering from different physical ailments, arthritis, headaches etc. Every single time CBD provided them ease and welcome relief. It even helped them deal with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress. It was spectacular. Over time, I realized this was an opportunity for me to bring a safe, organic method of healing to everyone in Canada. That is how I started dedicating my time to that purpose, with CBD Move.
Carter, Co-Founder

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