Blue Verbena Skin Care

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Blue Verbena Skin Care

Hello there amazing “YOU”, I am a Wife and Dog Mum here in beautiful BC. I started mindfully crafting and developing my own skin care and household products when my husband developed epilepsy in 2016. When we weren’t in hospitals or doctors’ offices, I used crafting self-care products in my home as part of my relaxation and getaway. Through this experience I have gained an appreciation for our gifts from Mother Nature; detaching from chemicals and synthetic ingredients. The soaps, lotions, and potions I have created have been effective in managing my skin and seasonal allergies and I believe they bring a greater sense of wellbeing in my family and home.

Our approach is to uncover Mother Nature’s power especially “HEMP SEED OIL “and its simplicity and share it with YOU. My hope is that you will enjoy using our products, as much as I have loved every moment in making them for you.

We carefully curated our hemp-based skin care products with love and an ode to Mother Nature. We make our products with loving intentions, plant based (organic, if possible), cruelty free, and free of chemicals that may be harmful to your skin and to the environment.

Our luxurious hemp-based skin care products are made for you in small batches, handcrafted, and hand labeled. Our packaging is source locally and the company that brand our products is based in Vancouver.

Thank you for supporting local,
Maxine Julien - Founder