Comfort Zones

One of my favourite things to hear as a coach is “ I hadn’t thought of it that way”.  It’s like music to my ears, an affirmation of going in the right direction.

A coaches job is to help you see thing from a new perspective, to think outside the box, to support you while you are at the edge of something new. 

What is making you feel uncomfortable or weird?

Why is that? 

It may be because it’s new to you, it’s something you’re unsure of, it’s not the norm.

If we stay in the norm how will we grow?

If we stay in our comfort zone how will we grow?

To make change happen we need to do something different from what we have been doing, we need to do something out of the norm. 

The norm is safe, comfortable.

Growth can feel unsafe and uncomfortable. 

That’s why they say it’s a leap of faith, they don’t call it a tip toe. Baby steps can help you take a leap of faith. They can help build the confidence you need to take that leap.

And when you do take that leap spread your wings and soar!! 

You will look at what was once your comfort zone, you will also see beyond it, and will discover there’s a whole new world that is yours to live outside of hat comfort zone. 

Where are you staying safe?

Where can you grow?

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