What is Nature-Connected Coaching? (And how does it stand out from the rest?)

Many people these days use the title coach. People may also associate coaching with needing help with an issue or with self-help, and this is not always the case. (And it’s ok if it is!) I consider it as an amazing self care tool.

Nature Connected Coaching is an introduction of one world (the clients’) to another world that is full of wonderment, with health benefits, and that is fun.

How often do you allow yourself to just be? To take as long as you want to explore your surroundings for all that they are? To see, hear, smell, feel, and maybe even taste what is right in front of you, in a way most humans have forgotten to?

Do you give yourself the time and space to reconnect and remember that we are all connected to the trees, the animals, the earth, ourselves and each other? We are all one.

There was once a time we did this without another thought, and then we “grew up”.

Yeah, up as in we grew away from the earth. We stopped climbing and hugging trees, or jumping in puddles. We stopped really looking at what nature wants to show and share with us.

When was the last time you felt the pure joy of being one with nature?

Feeling the tickle of the grass between your toes, the view looking down from atop a tree limb, the splashing sound and feel of the water under your feet?

No one can tell you to “stop it” anymore!! (Echos of “guardians” from the past saying, stay dry, clean, don’t….ugh)

You are your own coach. Nature and I will guide you to see that path.
Nature Connected Coaching is:

  • -Deepening your connection with the earth, nature, the environment, and yourself
  • -Seeing the world /yourself/nature from a different perspective
  • -You discovering your passion, purpose, goals, etc
  • -A way to rekindle a sense of belonging
  • -A great, fun way to enjoy the many health benefits of being in nature

What to expect in a Nature Connected Coaching session:

Nature Connected Coaching can be done anytime, anywhere. Via phone or on video conferencing. In your home beside a house plant, in your backyard, your garden, the local forest, park, at the lake……..

As we commune with nature I encourage and invite you to look deeper into and at nature in a new way, with a new perspective, as a mirror of your inner experiences.

I will ask questions and invite you to participate in exercises to build your relationship with nature and yourself.

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