Health Tips


Comfort Zones

One of my favourite things to hear as a coach is “ I hadn’t thought of it that way”.  It’s like music to my ears, an affirmation of going in the right direction.

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What is Nature-Connected Coaching? (And how does it stand out from the rest?)

Many people these days use the title coach. People may also associate coaching with needing help with an issue or with self-help, and this is not always the case. (And it’s ok if it is!) I consider it as an amazing self care tool.

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Babies and Cranio

Being a Mom was what first brought me to biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Years ago, our family had experienced multiple health and sensory challenges with our little one. We tried a lot of alternative therapies, and a lot of them did help in different ways. I had heard about cranio, and put it off. Finally trying it, I remember our little one’s second appointment. The therapist had asked if anything had changed. I was surprised. Less itching, better breathing. Anyone dealing with allergies knows this is a big deal.

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Top Five Trends In Wellness For 2018

The British Columbian wellness industry is alive and well! While the basics of health and wellness will always remain ever-important (healthy food, exercise, life balance), it can be fun to analyze the trends in the wellness field.

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